WASHINGTON 25, D.C., 16 JULY 1945

No. 57

  BATTLE HONORS. As authorized by Executive Order 9396 (sec. I, WD Bull. 22, 1943), superseding Executive Order 9075 (sec. III, WD Bull. 11, 1942), citations of the following units in the general orders indicated are confirmed under the provisions of section IV, W D Circular 333, 1943, in the name of the President of the United States as public evidence of deserved honor and distinction:

  1. The 1st Battalion, 162d Infantry Regiment, is cited for outstanding performance of duty against the enemy near Salamaua, New Guinea, from 29 June to 12 September 1943. On 29 and 30 June 1943, this battalion landed at Nassau Bay, New Guinea, in one of the first amphibious operations by American forces in the Southwest Pacific Area, on a beach held by the enemy, and during a severe storm which destroyed 90 percent of the landing craft able to reach the beach. Moving inland through deep swamps, crossing swift rivers, cutting its way through dense jungle, over steep ridges, carrying by hand all weapons, ammunition, and food, assisted by only a limited number of natives, this battalion was in contact with the enemy for 76 consecutive days without rest or relief. All operations after the initial landing were far inland. Living conditions were most severe because of constant rain, mud, absence of any shelter, tenacious enemy, and mountainous terrain. The supply of rations, ammunition, and equipment was meager. For 5 weeks all personnel lived on rations dropped by airplane, for days at a time on half rations. Individual cooking was necessary throughout the period. Malaria and battle casualties greatly depleted their ranks, but at no time was there a let-up in morale or in determination to destroy the enemy. Each officer and enlisted man was called upon to give his utmost of courage and stamina. The battalion killed 584 Japanese during this period, while suffering casualties of 11 officers and 176 enlisted men. Cutting the Japanese supply line near Mubo, exerting constant pressure on his flank, the valiant and sustained efforts of this battalion were in large part instrumental in breaking enemy resistance and forcing his withdrawal from Salamaua on 12 September 1943. The 1st Battalion, 162 Infantry Regiment, has established a worthy combat record, in keeping with the high traditions of the United States Army. [General Orders 91, Headquarters 41st Infantry Division, 18 December 1944, as approved by Commanding General, United States Army Forces in Far East.]