No. 76

BATTLE HONORS. As authorized by Executive Order No. 9396 (sec. I , Bull. 22, WD, 1943, 1943), superseding Executive Order No. 9075 (sec. III, Bull. 11, WD, 1942), citation of the following unit in General Orders No. 95, Headquarters Sixth Army, 18 June 1944, as approved by the Commanding General, United States Army Forces in the Far East, is confirmed under the provision of section IV, Circular No. 333, War Department, 1943, in the name of the President of the United States as public evidence of deserved honor and distinction. The citation reads as follows:

The 2d Platoon, Company L, 163d Infantry, is cited for outstanding performance of duty and for heroism near Aitape, New Guinea. On 27 April 1944 this unit, with personnel attached to make a strength of 3 officers and 64 enlisted men, established a trail block at Kamti, part of Kapoam village in the Terricelli mountain foothills, to cover enemy escape routes. At 280700 an enemy force of approximately 200 attacked with fixed bayonets from three sides, but was thrown back after fierce fighting. Forty-two enemy were killed, while the platoon losses were 2 men killed and 1 wounded. Though communications were cut, the platoon maintained its position for 36 hours, receiving supplies by air. After withdrawing 29 April to receive reinforcements, the platoon again formed and maintained the trail block where, that night, another enemy attack was repulsed with losses of 1 man killed and 2 wounded. The exemplary endurance, determination, and bravery of the members of this platoon reflect the highest credit on the United States Army.