Major General Jens A. Doe, 03743
Hq 41st Inf. Div., APO 41
c/o P.M., San Francisco, California


Headquarters, New Guinea Force,
22 January 1943

  The campaign we have been engaged in for the recapture ofthe Buna-Gona area is now virtually at a close. I desire toexpress to all Australians and Americans alike who have takenpart in this long and tedious campaign my heartfelt congratulations and my appreciation of all you have done.

  First to the Infantry I would like to pay a special tribute. Seldom have Infantry been called on to endure greater hardships or discomfort than those provided by the mountains, swamps, the floods, of tropical New Guinea. All this you have endured with cheerfulness and meantime have outfought a dour and determined enemy on ground of his own choosing in well prepared defenses. Your achievements have been such as to earn the admiration and appreciation of all your countrymen.

  Secondly, I would thank the Air Forces for their magnificent work, for the shattering blows they have delivered to the air forces of the enemy and his ships, which have tried so often and so vainly to reinforce and supply him. To the air transport service which made this campaign a feasible operation, for your untiring efforts in all weathers, I thank you.

  Thirdly, there are all those who have supported so splendidly the Infantry in their fighting, the Armored Regiment, the Artillery, the Engineers and the Army Co-operation Squadron, and the Medical Services who have cared for sick and wounded in most difficult circumstances. You have done magnificently.

  Fourthly, I want to thank all those in the Services who have kept supplies of all kinds going to the forward troops, and also COSC and all its personnel and particularly its small boat section that has braved hazardous waters and enemy action in getting supplies up the coast.

  And finally my thanks to the Navy for its assistance in protecting sea routes and clearing the waters round the battle area and farther north.

  We have won a striking victory but a long and hard road lies ahead. All I ask is that all of you maintain the standard you have set. I know you will.

                                                                                                                          E. F. HERRING
                                                                                                                          GOC New Guinea Force