26 April 1943

No. 7

1. I wish to congratulate the officers and men of this Division for the outstanding manner in which they have conducted operations since arrival in New Guinea and also for the praise and compliments which their efforts have brought to this Division in the recent inspection by Lieutenant General Walter Krueger, commander of the Sixth Army.

2. General Krueger stated that General Douglas MacArthur, Commander-in-Chief, Southwest Pacific, wished the 41st Division to know how highly pleased he had been with its performance and the results of its operations in New Guinea. General Krueger added that he felt exactly the same and was proud to have the 41st Division as part of his Sixth Army.

3. General Krueger was high in his praise of the soldierly manner of the officers and men of this Division. He paid special compliment to the military courtesies observed, especially saluting, correct manner of reporting and general discipline of the entire command. One occasion, General Krueger said, "You can always tell when an officer or a man is from the 41st because he salutes."

4. General Krueger, in addition, indicated he was extremely well pleased with the way the Division had improved its living conditions and prepared defensive works despite the tropic conditions encountered in this area.

5. Again, I wish to congratulate the Division for its soldierly manner and excellent conduct of operations which have brought these commendations. It is my desire that every officer and man of this Division be informed of the high opinion held by General MacArthur, General Krueger and myself.

Major General, U. S. Army