April 29, 1943


1. A certified copy of Senate Joint Resolution No. 1 has been sent to this headquarters by the Montana Legislature, and is reproduced for the information of all personnel of this Regiment:


A joint resolution recognizing the victories of Montana's 163d Infantry Regiment, USA, expressing the gratitude of the people of Montana to the Regiment and providing for a cable message from the Legislature to the Regiment in the combat zone of the South Pacific Theater of War.

  Whereas, the official military reports emanating from General Douglas MacArthur's Headquarters in the south Pacific as released by the War Department, and the news dispatches cabled by observers, make manifest that the l63d Infantry—Montana's own—has won imperishable fame in the jungles and on the heights of New Guinea in most arduous combat against an implacable foe; and has from the very outbreak of hostilities demonstrated the finest attributes of the American soldier, in devotion to training, in fraternization and cooperation with the free peoples of the great Pacific world to the south, and in the deep resolve to establish the rule of law among the nations of the earth; and

  The Sixth Legislative Assembly of the State of Montana, by Senate Joint Resolution No. 3, approved February 22, 1899, recognized the same valiant manhood displayed by the military predecessors of the present Regiment, the First Montana Volunteer Infantry, which at that time had distinguished itself near the city of Manila in the Philippine Islands, and such Legislative Assembly, more than forty-three years ago, cabled to that Regiment an expression of  the pride and gratitude of Montana's people; in the years between, the Second Montana Infantry Regiment, immediate predecessor, furnished to the American Expeditionary Force in France, officers and men, who with our allies repulsed the savage hordes of the Prussian General Staff, then and now intent on enslavement of those who oppose the substitution of might for right, and brought back their Colors covered with the streamers and ribands of the great victories in France and Flanders; and

  Their successor, the present 163d Infantry Regiment, has emblazoned anew the heroic traditions of the Regiment by annihilating a great Japanese army on the Papuan Peninsula of New Guinea to win the first great land battle of the Japanese-American war; and has thereby again demonstrated the unconquerable resolution of Montana's free mountaineers; and

  The hearts of all of the people of Montana, while vibrant with affection for the Regiment, are burdened with the pain of its losses, and determined to repay the holy obligation resulting from these sacrifices, by solemnly assuming the responsibilities of free men in support of the reign of law throughout the earth:

  Now, therefore, be it resolved, by the Senate of the Twenty-eighth Legislative Assembly of the State of Montana, the House of Representatives concurring, that the Legislative Assembly tenders to every officer and to every man of the 163d Infantry Regiment the deep gratitude of the whole body of our citizens for the great victory which our men have won, purchased with the blood of many of their bravest, hopeful that the Regiment will accept this expression as an evidence of the love and the devotion which we have for it, and which sustains us on the home front and inspires us to dedicate each day to aid our men overseas;

  That we asked the Commanding Officer of the Regiment, when this Resolution is placed in his hands, to communicate the continuing homage of  Montana people to General Douglas MacArthur, whose father, General Arthur MacArthur, led the Montana Regiment of 1899 to a victory that brought freedom to the Filipinos who have proved their brotherhood with us and with whose help General Douglas MacArthur as his father's successor, and with the aid of our Regiment, will restore those peoples of the isles of the Pacific to the dignity  of men.

  Be it further resolved, that duly authenticated copies of this Resolution be transmitted by the Secretary of State of the State of Montana, through secure military channels, to the Commanding Officer of the 163d Infantry Regiment, and to each Company Commander in said Regiment and to General Douglas MacArthur; and in order that this long pent-up expression of our whole people, who are represented at large only by this Legislative Assembly, may be made known to the Regiment as soon as possible,

  Be it further resolved, that the following message be cabled at once, through military or other appropriate channels, to the Commander of the 163d Infantry Regiment to the combat zone:

"With vibrant admiration for your magnificent victory over the Japanese on the Papuan Peninsula of New Guinea and elsewhere, with prayers for the wounded and with undying resolve to carry on the high purpose of our noble dead, the hearts of the people of Montana are with you, beating as one every hour of every day. The Twenty-Eighth Legislative Assembly of Montana in session at Helena."

Approved March 5, 1943


President of the Senate

Speaker of the House

2. The above will be read to all troops at the first formation following receipt.

                             By order of Lt. Colonel MASON:

Capt., 163d Inf.


Capt., 163d Inf.