* posthumous award, KIA



Date of Act

Rank, organization

Home state

Location of Act


Randal K. Balch

3 Aug 43

SSgt, Co. A, 116 Medics


Scout Track Ridge, Salamaua, N.G.
Exposed himself to enemy fire in order to treat wounded from 162nd Inf., then pried into foxholes for those too wounded to call help.


Jordan W. Davis

9 Jun 44

SSgt., Co. G, 186th Infantry

Oregon, Iowa

Mokmer Ridges, Biak Is., N.G. Executed surprise attack on enemy cave containing anti-aircraft guns, repulsed counterattack and destroyed machine gun positions.


Leonard C. DeWitt

28 Jul 43

Sgt., Co. I, 162nd Infantry 


Boisi Village, Salamaua, N.G. Voluntarily delivered ammunition to area under fire, aided wounded, then repulsed larger enemy force with machine gun & grenades.


Roy B. Dietsch  *

16 Jun 44

T/5, Med Det.,Co. E, 186th Inf.


West Caves, Biak Island, N.G. Crawled through heavy fire to reach wounded man.  Was able to start plasma transfer before enemy rifle fire killed him.


Jens A. Doe

21-22 Jan 43

Brig.Gen, Commander 163rd Inf.


Sanananda, New Guinea
For coolness and gallantry under fire, outstanding leadership and courageous conduct in reducing strongly fortified enemy positions.


Edward D. Doughty

28-29 May 44

1st Lt., C Bty, 947th Field Arty


Parai Defile, Biak Island, N.G. Accurately directed artillery against fortified enemy positions firing on 162nd troops by placing himself in line of fire three times.


Frank R. Gehrman

5 Jun 44

SSgt., Med Det., 162nd Infantry


Ibdi Pocket, Biak Island, N.G. On seven different occasions, without regard for personal safety, he removed wounded men from areas of heavy enemy fire.


Glen J. Hansen

16 Jun 45

Pfc, Co. C., 162nd Infantry


Zamboanga, Philippine Islands Despite hand being severed by a saber in a pre-dawn attack, he applied his own tourniquet, and fired again, killing two more enemy.


John R. Jacobucci

19 Jan 43

1st Lt, 3rd Bn, 163rd Infantry


Sanananda, New Guinea
Personally located the main enemy strongpoint after others had failed, enabling two companies to overrun the enemy position.


Hyrum D. Jones  *

18 May 44

SSgt, Co. A, 163rd Infantry


Wakde Island, New Guinea
Directed attack on three machine guns with rifles and grenades that had pinned down two platoons.  Killed trying to rejoin squad.


Albert J. Langham 

14 Mar 45

Pfc, Co E, 162nd Infantry


Zamboanga, Philippine Islands Charged enemy machine gun pillbox with grenades, bayoneted a gunner, and turned that machine gun on an adjacent enemy pillbox.


Harold M. Lindstrom

16 Jan 43

Col., Co. B, 163rd Infantry


Sanananda, New Guinea
Strategically maneuvered Co. B around right flank of heavily defended garrison, establishing a new perimeter from which to attack.


John H. McRoberts

22 Jun 44

SSgt, Co I, 186th Infantry


West Caves, Biak Island, N.G. Charged enemy position on own, killed two and wounded another.  Seriously wounded, he directed his squad in taking the position.


John L. Mohl

19 Jan 43

SSgt, Co. C, 163rd Infantry


Sanananda, New Guinea
With DSC recipient Cpl. Rummel, under covering fire, knocked out six enemy machine gun bunkers in quick succession.


Melvin C. Monroe

7 Jun 44

1st Lt, HQ Bty, 167th Field Arty


Toem, New Guinea
Rushed enemy heavy machine gun position, killed gunner and sniper, freeing 163rd troops who had been pinned down.  WIA.


Joseph F. Montore

16 Jun 44

Pfc, Co. E, 186th Infantry


West Caves, Biak Island, N.G.
Single-handedly knocked out enemy pillbox, with Thompson submachine gun and grenades.  Wounded by enemy grenade.


Everett L. Moore

31 Aug 43

Co. A, 162nd Infantry


George Ridge, Salamaua, N.G. Continued to fire his BAR against overwhelming enemy forces after receiving 22 wounds from enemy grenade.


Edward Morales  *

16 Jun 44

Pfc, Co. E, 186th Infantry


West Caves, Biak Island, N.G.
Single-handedly knocked out enemy pillbox, first with hand grenades then with Thompson submachine gun.  Killed by sniper.


Paul E. Peterson  *

31 Aug 43

Co. A, 162nd Infantry


George Ridge, Salamaua, N.G. Continued to fire his BAR. and ordered others to save themselves after receiving mortal wounds from an enemy grenade.


Walter R. Rankin

14 Jan 43

Maj., Commander 2nd Bn, 163rd


Sanananda, New Guinea
Strategically and quickly moved two Companies E and G to form a roadblock, cutting the route used by enemy troops for supply.


Wilmer H. Rummel

19 Jan 43

Cpl., Co. C, 163rd Infantry


Sanananda, New Guinea
With DSC Recipient SSgt Mohl, under covering fire, knocked out six enemy machine gun bunkers in quick succession.


George F. Singletary, Jr.

12-13 Aug 43

2nd Lt, C Bty, 218 Field Artillery


Tambu Bay, Salamaua, N.G.
Despite serious wounds, directed effective and accurate artillery fire. materially contributing to clearing Roosevelt Ridge of enemy.


Charles M. Solley, Jr.

22 May 45

Pfc, Co I, 186th Infantry


Mindanao, Philippine Islands Destroyed two dangerous machine gun positions, and despite wounds, saved the lives of a number of his comrades


Thomas B. Williams

5 Jun 44

SSgt, Co. C, 116 Medics


Mokmer Ridge, Biak Island, N.G. Seriously wounded while trying to change ambulance tire, he finished job, and evacuated 186th Inf. wounded to hospital.


Paul Ziegele

15 Jan 43

SSgt, Co. A, 163rd Infantry


Sanananda, New Guinea
With covering fire, attacked and killed three enemy in a machine gun pillbox, in spite of enemy fire. 



Jens A. Doe * *

Horace H. Fuller



Leeon F. Aller, Jr.

Frank W. Aldrich

Lee L. Alfred

Robert M. Allen

Arthur C. Anderson

Donald N. Anderson

Virgil L. Anderson

Forest M. Andrews

Richard Andrews

Carlyle W. Arey

Argyle E. Armstrong

Byron A. Armstrong

Kenneth E. Arthur

Charles D. Ashcraft *

Merton E. Austin

William C. Baden

Wayne C. Bailey **

Isaac J. Baker

Lloyd J. Baker

Wilfred D. Baker

Mark E. Barnard

William J. Barnett

William C. Barson **

James H. Bay

Dwight E. Beach

Arthur Belgarde

Benjamin C. Bell

William C. Benson **

Otis Berlin

Louis J. Bilek

Stewart H. Boelsen

James W. Boland *

Lawrence L. Bourlier

George W. Boyd

Frank A. Bradbury

Horace C. Bradbury

Arthur J. Braman

Byron A. Brim

Matt C. C. Bristol, Jr.

Mike Brklacich

Melbourne E. Brooks

Douglas F. Brown

Elmer Brown

William B. Brown **

James M. Buckland

Charles R. Buxton **

Harold G. Cahill

Claude R. Carr

Guy W. Carroll

Glenn E. Case

Angelo Castelli *

Sanders M. Castor

George S. Caswell

Paul A. Caulfleld

Bill K. Chapman

Charles B. Claypool

Billie J. Click

Robert L. Cloud

Alfred E. Coffey

Ralph E. Cole

Robert A. Cole *

Rhea A. Cooley

William H. Cooley

Burl L. Cox

Vincent S. Cunningham

Hubert G. Curry

Richard E. Curry, Jr.

Robert F. Dalton

Herman E. Daniels

Foy A. Davis

Stanley C. Davison

Charles R. Dawley

Don D. DeFord

Raymond E. Derrick

Tom Dewhurst

Neal A. Dikeman **

David S. Dillard

Jens A. Doe ***

Harold H. Doersam

Benito R. Dominguez

Leo B. Doubek

Kenneth C. Downing

Milton Drexler

Albert R. Driggers

John J. Drum

Wilson E. DuBois

Henry J. Dubsky

Edmund G. Ducommun

Karl F. Duell

Duncan V. DuPree *

James J. Eder

Samuel E. Eley

Conway L. Ellers **

Robert S. Elliot

Edward E. Enders

T. C. Epps

Pius Erck

Bernardo C. Escobar

Ralph M. Evans

Russel R. Field

Charles S. Fields

Harold R. Fisk

Lloyd M. Flaten

Maurice M. Fletcher

Ralph D. Floberg

William B. Foster

David E. Fowler

Dan B. Free

Horace H. Fuller

Alcide Gallant

Steven J. Gardner

Owen D. Gaskell *

Frederick R. Gehring

Ernest Gerber

Herbert E. Gerten

Ray J. Gibney

Dale E. Gibson

Raymond W. Goerke *

Samuel P. Gordon

John H. Graham

James M. Gray

Kenesaw Greathouse

Grant S. Green

James H. Griffin

Leslie E. Griffiths

Herman H. Haedicke

Howard H. Hafer

Harold C. Halverson

Ralph E. Hamel

Andrew C. Hamilton

Robert M. Hamilton

Harold Haney **

Clifford L. Hanson

Lester E. Hanson

Charles W. Hash

Paul G. Hassler *

Nicholas W. Hatfield

Harold M. Hawkins

Byron W. Hazelton

Robert L. Heath

Lawrence J. Hebert

Pat M. Heist

Carl T. Hellis

Dean D. Henry

Emory L. Heyn

Russell L. Hodges

Alvin M. Hoffman

John L. Hoffman

William Holder

James Holgnchak

Paul G. Hollister **

Charles L. Hornbeck

Francis J. Hoverka

Theodore P. Howe *

Donald F. Hulin

Paul Hultman, Jr.

Maurice E. Hundahl

Paul E. Hunter

Frank W. Hurliman

Oscar J. Irwin

William D. Jackson

Clifton G. James

John G. Jeffers

Walter J. Jendrzejewski

Howard B. Jensen

Francis Jette *

Jessie J. Jewell

Raymond V. Jones

Bernard Kaplan

Seymour R. Katz *

James R. Kent

Walter W. King

Charles G. Kitchens

Louis J. Kline *

Chester F. Klovas

Louis M. Krist

Earl E. Kueker *

Frank W. Kuempel

Sam F. Lambert

Howard M. Lang

Howard H. Lassegard

Herbert G. Lauterbach

Jerome Lazarus

Kenneth C. Leach

David G. LeBaron

Edward L. Lederman

Clarence E. Lee

John B. Lee *

Charles Leon

Maurice L. Levy

Charles A, Lindsey

Harold M. Lindstrom

Joseph M. Lirzkowicz

Donald F. Locke

Archie H. Lofts

Phillip W. Long

James A. Lufkin

Alois W. Luhr

Einar A. Lund

Robert E. Lundstrom

Thomas C. Lynch

Carl E. Maffeo

Harold G. Maison

Carl D. Makart

Joseph J. Mannerillo

William M. Mantz

Harold L. Marshall

Harry W. Martin Jr. *

Ronald G. Martin

Jean Martinez

William Matlin **

Ray J. Mattice

Frank E. Maxam

Weston A. McCormac

Willard F. McDonald

Jack E. McEachen

Robert L. McGill *

Thomas A. McGinitie

Frank F. McGuinness

Melvin C. McHenry

Joseph R. McInerney

Carl M. McIntyre

Howard A. McKinney

Jack C. McLoughlin

Keith D. McMilan

Reed D. McMilan

Donald R. McNeil

Lawrence W. McNight

Phillip E. Mead

Arthur Merrick

Wendell C. Messec **

Albert L. Mueller

Robert A. Mikkelson **

Harold E. Miller

Harry W. Miller

Walter L. Miller. Jr.

Robert W. Minner *

Robert W. Mipper

Salvatore F. Mirenda

John A. Mitchell

Joseph D. Mitchell **

Kenneth Mitchell

Owen T. Monaghan

Walter E. Moore

Earl R. Moorehead

Ralph S. Morris

William J. Moroney

Gerald W. Morrison

Ralph W. Nay

James F. Neely

Emil L. Nelson

Robert A. Nelson

John O. Newman

Oliver P. Newman **

Ralph A. Nicholas

Wendall Noall

Frank T. Nugent *

Loren E. O'Dell

Thomas F. O'Donnell

Kenneth V. Olberg

John E. Oleson *

Edwin S. Olson

John D. Orr

Ralph W. Oswald

Erwin W. Overbo *

Ralph W. Palmer

John S. Panek

Elmo R. Parish

Peder R. Pederson

Milan W. Peel **

Sidney E. Pendexter, Jr.

Charles E. Peterson

Rudolph B. Peralta *

Robert B. Pharr

Charles P. Phelps

John W. Phoebus

James A. Poinsett

Michael Polimac •

Marion J. Porterfield

Arthur Possoni

John J. Potts *

William J. Powers

Harold E. Poynter

Reed G. Probst

Oscar J. Rainville, Jr.

Walter R. Rankin

Edward L. Reams

Robert E. Read

Joseph Reddoor

Marion F. Reed

Robert L. Reeves

Clarence E. Reid

Albert A. Rendler

John B. Retterath

Robert C. Rheinfels *

Cecil C. Rhodes

Eulon Richardson

Robert W. Richardson

John J. Rigler

Edward G. Ripani

Harry N. Rising, Jr. **

Herve G. Robert

Douglas C. Robinson

Oliver K. Robinson

Fritz F. Roll, Jr.

William L. Rollman

Archibald B. Roosevelt **

Victor Rosanio

Raymond Q. Roseth

Edward L. Ross. Jr.

Richardson D. Roys

Charles H. Rue

Alexander G. Rutka

Marcus P. Sanchez

Richard J. Satran

Harry M. Sayka

William F. Schacht

Oscar A. Scheller

Harold E. Schiefelbein

Wenzel H. Schiell *

Lloyd B. Schiffman

George C. Schultz

Ralph W. Sconce

James V. Schully, Jr.

William J. Shaw **

John H. Shelton *

William T. Sherwood

Archie L. Shovan

Raymond M. Simmons

Robert E. Simpson

Albin C. Sipe, Jr.

Walter D. Skauge

Walter H. Skielvig

Richard S. Slade

Harry C. Smith

Harry R. Smith

Nathan J. Sonnenfeld

John Sponenburgh

Joseph Staslowski

Eldo E. Sutton

Kenneth S. Sweany

R. A. Sweetland

Stephen A. Swisher III

William B. Taylor *

Robert D. Teela

Dionisio Z. Temellosa *

Robert Templeton

Richard N. Ten Eyck

Richard B. Thierolf

Clifton B. Thomas

Haskell S. Thompson

Edwin S. Tipple

Silvior Tontar

Vernon F. Townsend

John J. Tracy, Jr.

Rob D. Trimble

Harry C. Trodick

Henry L. Tullock

Harry J. Van De Riet

Jack H. Van Duyn

Marvin E. VanDyke

Oliver R. Vannucci

Robert Van Scherpenzell *

William Vavra

Robert W. Vogt

Norman Voorhees

Edward L. Waisbrot

Francis C. Wallace

Phillip Warner

George E. Waterman

Robert C. Watson

Wyatte B. Watts *

William R. Weaver

Robert E. Wells

Paul V. Wendell

Jack C. White

John B. White

Jerome J. Wilczewski

Edgar F. Wildfong **

Charles W. Wilkenson

Hurshal A. Wilson

Robert O. Wilson

Leland S. Winetraub

Leonard A. Wing

Leslie O. Winkler **

Maurice D. Winslow

Raymond S. Winther

Henry T. Wise

Hubert E. Wright, Jr.

Horace L. Young

Emil A. Zall

Albert J. Zaleski

Isidore A. Ziebolz

Paul Ziegele

Junior H. Zirkle *

Edwin A. Zundel



Wayne C. Bailey

George M. Baldwin

Elmer Brown

Chalmers D. Corle

Milton Drexler

Myron W. Folsom

Alvin F. Grauerholz

John F. Haley

Harold Haney **

John A. Harris

Irving H. Hoyt

Edward E. Kramer

Weston A. McCormac

Michael G. Mehilos

Arthur Molyneux

William L. Morris

Charles W. Mueller

Rodney W. Orange

Oscar Rumack

Morris H. Schneider

Walter H. Skielvig

Harry Steward

Herbert T. Warren

Gould Whaley

Edwin A. Zundel **



Samuel P. Gordon

John A. Robinson


* Denotes posthumous award

** Denotes Oak Leaf Cluster

*** Denotes second Oak Leaf Cluster