Sergeant Moyer's Diary; M-163

By Staff Sergeant Roy Moyer

            1944 ...Returned to Company M Feb 26, and moved from Rocky to Gladstone March 12, where we boarded the American ship Henry T. Allen and sailed that night. Stopped Milne Bay March 16, for two hours. Arrived Buna 17 and left 18. Arrived Finschafen Apr. 19 and erected temporary camp. April 9 boarded the USS Kane for a practice beach landing and returned Apr. 11. Left for actual mission on April 18 on Kane. At 6:50 Saturday morning Apr. 22, made a beach landing against Jap forces at Koroko Village. (It was actually Wapil - note by historian.)

            Moved up the beach to Taji Plantation April 25 and made camp. Moved from there Apr. 29 back through the jungle to Kamti Village, a distance of about eight miles of the muddiest trail and hardest marching conditions ever encountered in the Southwest Pacific. It was here that M Co suffered the loss of Staff Sergeant John V. Klobofski. Returned to the beach and new camp site May 8. May 15 loaded in LCPs and were taken to the Australian ship Manoora. Set out to open sea that evening and on Wed. morning May 17, at 7:20 A.M. made a beach landing at Arara in Dutch New Guinea. In the afternoon moved up the beach to the Tor River and set up a perimeter. May 22 moved across the river to support K Company.

            Moved up the beach as a unit for a distance of about 1,000 yards and were relieved on the morning of May 23 by the Bushmasters (158 Infantry RCT). Went back to place of landing and set up camp. Boarded LCIs afternoon of May 30 and left Toem Village. Landed on Biak afternoon of May 31. This island had already been occupied by other units of the 41st Division. During the next months until July 20 we were in action off and on.

            On June 24 M Co removed to new camp site. We had been officially relieved and this rest camp was comparable to Dobodura. The next months were spent acquiring replacements, training them, etc.