H Company, 163rd Infantry at Ibdi Pocket
Extract from diary of Harold Ingle, Staff Sergeant, H-163

             June 25,1944. G left and we are manning the pits until the riflemen come. G and E are to attack with two rifle companies of the First Battalion.

            June 26, 1944. We lost. We tried attacking the Japs on a ridge but F lost 2 KIA and 4 wounded. G did a little better - took a few pillboxes. B Company killed 23 Japs. G Company lost 4 dead, 3 wounded and 3 with fatigue. Pfc Adelaido Martinez of G Company was killed. I was Section Sergeant of the heavy machine gun section attached to F and can remember that day clearly.

            It was stifling hot and the ridge angle was so steep we had to pull ourselves and equipment up by vines. We never made it because the Japs had F pinned down and F were beginning to wiggle their way back off the ridge. If I remember rightly, F had an awful job evacuating their wounded.

            As we pulled back I can remember stopping to trade my old pitted rifle to a wounded rifleman for his brand new one which as he told me, "I won't need this any more."