Those Indispensable Quartermasters

By Dr. Hargis Westerfield, Division Historian and Colonel H.B. Cary

Continued from Wakde…

            For 41 QM, the Biak operation was more heavy labor.  We serviced the whole task force and supervised many supply units.

            Three hours after 186 seized Bosnek Jetties, with some fighting nearby, four QM men landed and scouted inland to previously selected dump areas.

            By 1100, cargoes from eight LST's and five APD's (high speed transports) began pouring across the reefs in "ducks" and "buffaloes." They brought 10 days' supplies-rations, clothing, gasoline and other necessities.

            As at Hollandia, we had to unload 500 five-gallon cans of water because no one knew where and if water would be quickly available on Biak.

            This had to be a speedy unloading to save ships that were immobile and thus especially vulnerable to Jap raids. At 1600, four Jap planes bombed harmlessly. By 1700, we finished unloading so that all ships were departing into safer Geelvink Bay.