The Proud 41st Quartermaster Company
By Dr. Hargis Westerfield, Division Historian

Continued from Salamaua…

On Biak, 41 Quartermasters became supply center not just for our 41st Division, but for other arms and service outfits. We did hard work with no added personnel to the point where our 41st Division became a corps or a small army. Instead of serving a normal-sized division of 13,000, we served 52,000! Attached to us were even 5th Air Force units.


This was not all. Besides 5th Air Force, we had to receive, store, and issue for all other outfits on Biak. Attached to us were a truck company, two service companies, three sections of a bakery platoon, a platoon from 601 Graves Registration Company, a gasoline supply company, and a depot supply platoon. We were more like a station outfit than a Division Quartermaster.


Main difference was that shells and bombs constantly whizzed overhead - or that mortar shells knocked out trucks. For 120 days, we labored like this, until Service and Supply finally arrived to take over.

We didn't know what to do with ourselves when we had only the Division to take care of again!

There were the impedimenta, supplies that we could not worry about when our 41st had to fight. There were barracks bags, footlockers, tents, cots, and the like. Each unit turned in its impedimenta which we refused to accept until it was crated and marked clearly. A competent NCO from a truck platoon was in charge.

"G-l" - personnel section - provided guards for impedimenta from Division's sick, lame, and lazy. Men awaiting rotation guarded it until they got transportation to go home. It caught up with them a landing or so later. We sorted and told owner units to come and get it.

Continued on Zamboanga and Palawan Campaigns…


CREDIT: In four pages of the QM Training Journal (1 September 1945) Major Frank Moore describes the many varied works which QM performed.