41 QM Company: Those Indispensable Quartermasters

By Dr. Hargis Westerfield, Division Historian and Colonel H.B. Cary, QM

(Continued from Hollandia Campaign)

             After Aitape, the same QM detachment landed at Arare on the mainland near Wakde Island. With Service 163, we perimetered at Unnamed River west of Arare, some two miles east of Tor River front.

While guarding a captured Jap truck, two QM soldiers scouted the area selected for our night perimeter. They killed two Japs in a Jap perimeter; found on them two pistols, a saber and a stethoscope. One body disappeared that afternoon, the other next morning.

After Wakde was stormed, we moved with Service 163 and 741 Ordnance detachments to 163 Headquarters at Toem Village. We were actually assigned posts on 163's outer perimeter. On the night of 27-28 May, we were in holes when a Jap charge of Matsuyama Force broke through 163 and charged the beach. Next day, we counted 14 dead Japs at a 163 machine gun post 50 yards away.

            Then nine QM men were attached to Service 158 Infantry trying to capture Sarmi Dromes. We crossed Tor River in LCM's to make a small supply dump mile westward and forwarded supplies from here. When Japs halted 158 Infantry we rejoined our detachment.


(Continued on Biak Campaign)