The following photographs are reproduced from The Jungleers: A History of the 41st Infantry Division by William F. McCartney, Infantry Journal Press, 1948, copyright 41st Infantry Division Association:

Jungleers line the parade ground in front of Division Headquarters in Hiro following a ceremony in which the Division Commander presented decorations to a score of proud soldiers.

Cleaning out a cave filled with small parts for radios.  Parts were later dumped into the sea near Kure.  Destruction of enemy war materiel was the responsibility of various regimental and field artillery battalions by field order issued 16 October 1945.

Soldiers of the 41st look over Jap heavy coastal guns which were located along the coastline leading into Kure Harbor (left).  At right, explosives are placed in the bore of this large gun to destroy it's use as a weapon of war.

A Jungleer distributes candy to a group of eager Japanese children (left).  On right, students of the cooks' and bakers' school at Hiro seem well pleased with their culinary accomplishment.

A postal officer checks over a load of packages carrying souvenirs being sent to the States (on left).  On right, one man decides to make the Army a career, and receives his papers from the recruiting officer of the 163rd Infantry, while others ponder the idea of "signing up".