The following photographs are reproduced from The Jungleers: A History of the 41st Infantry Division by William F. McCartney, Infantry Journal Press, 1948, copyright 41st Infantry Division Association:

Left: A jeep convoy makes one of its daily trips with mail and supplies to American troops in New Guinea.
Right: Natives laborers construct a culvert on a new all-weather road in New Guinea.

Army engineers construct an airstrip at Dobodura.

A member of the 41st pauses long enough for a shave (left); another finds another practical use for GI-issued helmets (right).

Troops of the 162nd Infantry gather in a tent set up in the jungle at Morobe for Easter services on 29 April 1943.

There were moments of relaxation; men of the 41st Division enjoy a USO Camp Show at their new playhouse in Buna.

Men of the 2nd Battalion, 163rd Infantry, seek the graves of buddies to pay tribute after Memorial Day services at Soputa, 1943.

A member of the 116th Engineers surveys with pride the all-weather Army road constructed by his unit on the Oro Bay-Dobodura road at Oro Bay.