Sergeant Moyer's Diary; M-163

By Staff Sergeant Roy Moyer

             1942 . . .Left Fort Lewis March 17, bound for San Francisco. Arrived the morning of March 19, boarded the Queen Elizabeth at 8 A.M. Left the pier at 2 P.M. bound for Australia. On March 27, stopped at the Marquesas Islands for refueling and left March 29. Arrived at Sydney April 6 and that evening transferred to a small Dutch ship, The Cremer. Reached Melbourne April 10 and boarded train and moved sixty miles to Seymour where we set up our first camp site.

            Left Seymour July 18 and travelled by train northward to Rockhampton arriving July 23. (Route taken, Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Gladstone. My Platoon 2nd in M. Co.) Left after new camp was erected on Sept. 29 for Gladstone to stand guard duty on beach. Returned to Rocky Nov. 3. Moved to Fitzroy River Nov. 5 for amphibious training at Torbul Point. Our training included one-day problem on

Australian ship Koopa. Returned to camp and Rocky Nov. 19. Moved to Yeppoon Dec. 1, for Parkhurst Dec. 20 and boarded Dutch ship Swartenhund (Black Dog) at Gladstone. Left Dec. 24, spent Christmas at sea. Stopped at Townsville Dec. 25 and left again Dec. 30. New Year's spent at sea.


            1943 ...Arrived at Port Moresby Jan. 2, and erected temporary camp. Left by transport plane Jan. 9, flew over Owen Stanley Mts., and landed at Dobodora half hour later. The same trip by foot would take 44 days. Hiked by jungle trail to Supta, taking two days to make the trip. Left there Jan. 16, and entered action against a portion of the First Imperial Marines of Japan. Completed mission Jan. 23. Left front Sunday Jan. 24 by truck and rode to Jimborua Village that afternoon.
            The rest of the Company hiked through the jungle to Gona Village that same day. I moved to Gona the next day as armed guard with a Boo supply train. This was Jan. 25. I joined Company and the 2nd Platoon was sent to the beach. My section of machine guns was sent up the beach to a place called Dimwatti, at the mouth of the Ambogi River. Moved back to Gona Mission Feb. 9 and remained on the beach until Mar. 11. The entire Company moved via boat and truck to Dobodora Mar. 12. Erected a camp, complete with showers, ball diamond with dug-outs, theater, etc., and remained until July 8. This was a rest camp?

            Left Dobodora by plane July 9 and flew over the hump returning to Port Moresby. We erected temporary camp and then left again July 13, for the docks where we boarded the Australian ship Taroona. Arrived at Townsville July 17, and boarded train for Rocky, arriving July 19, seven months after leaving.

            During the next few months acquired replacements and trained them. On Sept. 27 was granted a furlough of seven days which I spent near Gladstone. Returned Oct. 4. On Oct. 7, suffered an attack of malaria and was sent to the 92nd Evac. Hosp. Returned to company Oct. 17 and Dec. 9 was transferred to the 6th Army Training Center which was a rest camp for malaria patients, nicknamed the Fox Farm. Christmas was given a three day pass which I spent in Gladstone.