The following photographs are reproduced from The Jungleers: A History of the 41st Infantry Division by William F. McCartney, Infantry Journal Press, 1948, copyright 41st Infantry Division Association:

This Air Forces photo shows the rugged terrain over which 41st Division troops fought their way to Salamaua. After the capture of Mubo and the Japanese positions on Lababia Ridge and Green Hill, the attack moved along Buigap Creek to Komiatum, gateway to Salamaua.

Left: A mortar crew paused to read letters from mail call just a hundred yards from Jap positions.  Right: A soldier in the 162nd Infantry reads the Australian edition of Yank in the jungles of New Guinea during a lull in the action.

Australians and Yanks gather in front of an American Red Cross hut in New Guinea to listen to phonograph music.

The 205th Field Artillery Battalion uses tractors to pull a Bofors Anti-aircraft gun up a new road to the top of Roosevelt Ridge.

Left: Swapped yars reveal the manner in which these men came into possession of the Jap flag and saber, prize souvenirs. Right: Officers and men of the 162nd Infantry hear an Easter Sunday program at the 24th Portable Hospital at Morobe.

Relieved of combat duty, troops of the 41st Division board the SS Canberra at Port Moresby for the journey back to Australia.