The following photographs are reproduced from The Jungleers: A History of the 41st Infantry Division by William F. McCartney, Infantry Journal Press, 1948, copyright 41st Infantry Division Association:

An air view of Zamboanga City after it was cleared of Japs and occupied by 41st Division troops.

Men of a heavy-weapons platoon patrol ford a stream through rugged terrain on Mindanao.

Men of the 41st Division enlarge a beachhead with tank support on the southwestern tip of Zamboanga Peninsula.

Infantry units lay down an 81mm mortar barrage on Japanese-held positions on the Zamboanga Peninsula.

Jungleers use a flamethrower to dispose of obstinate Japs after battle for the base of Mount Daho on Jolo Island.

Halftracks and armored vehicles of the Recon Troop reform after crossing a quickly improvised bridge during a patrol on Jolo, 24 hours after the initial landing (left).  The units are halted (right) by a huge tree felled across the road by friendly guerrillas who were trying to obstruct the Jap escape route.  Troops of the patrol clear away the obstruction.

Gunners of Division Artillery fire into Jap pillboxes on the base of Mount Daho on Jolo.

Artillerymen of the 41st Division fire smoke shells to spot the target at the foot of Mount Daho, and prepare to watch aircraft bombing and strafing of the target.

Battle-scarred Jungleers continue their march of liberation as a patrol moves out after clearing out Jap snipers who were holding out in the wreckage.

High-point men on the Division, some having been forty-one months in the South Pacific, board a transport for the first lap of the long-awaited trip back to the States.

Comedian Joe E Brown entertains Jungleers in the Philippines.

Division Artillery forward observers direct the firing of white phosphorus smoke shell to mark bombing and strafing targets for aircraft (left).  Caught in a cross-fire from hidden Jap machine guns (right), Jungleers crouch in a shell crater.  These men were directing artillery fire and close air support from a forward position.

Infantrymen of the 41st Division go about the unpleasant task of flushing out snipers from a house in the Philippines.

Retreating Japs blew up this bridge on Mindanao, and smoke at the rear is from a gas dump hit by Jap artillery (left photo).  On right, H Company, 163rd Regiment's Robert W. Sanders prepares to fire a machine gun on Mindanao.