A Company 186 Infantry's Only History

T/Sergeant Charles Platko with Dr. Hargis Westerfield, Division Historian

Note:  This portion pertaining to the Philippines was extracted from the larger article about Biak.

            In the Southern Philippine Campaign (1945), A 186 first landed on Palawan with our Regiment. We relieved E Company from action 3 March. A's Moulton was probably killed at that time. By 21 March, we were with 1st Battalion at Zamboanga to help 162 Infantry storm Mount Capisan.

            On 23 March near Mount Capisan, we fired five mortar missions supporting C 186's attack, had 2nd Lieutenant Maschko wounded. On 25 March, a Yank mortar short wounded Bondurant, Huff, Sellers. We then moved eight miles northeast with 1st Battalion to attack Hill 2000.

            On 29 March with heavy machine gun, mortar, and field artillery preparation, we stormed Hill 2000, found 11 Jap dead. Small Jap groups harassed us all afternoon - wounded Hudson, Bucy. Next day on Hill 2000, we repelled a Jap attack with Kopecky, T/5 Howard Kelly wounded. On that 30 March, we were reattached to 186 Infantry when 1st Battalion 186 Infantry came down from Palawan.

            Last reported actions of A 186 were to cut off Japs' retreat north of Brea Village north of Zamboanga City. Here we had our last death - 1st Lieutenant Lloyd F. Vick killed on a combat patrol of 4 April. A's war would end with occupying Japan.

            Such is the brief history of A Company 186 Infantry in World War II. After garrisoning New Guinea jungle in 1943, we had our first combats on Biak- at Mandom, Ibdi Pocket and behind Mokmer Ridges. In the Southern Philippines, we briefly fought at Palawan, had heroic action at Zamboanga.


CREDIT: 186 Infantry's Honorary Colonel Christian Hald obtained for Jungleer, T/Sergeant Platko's 8-page 8-1/2 by 11 handwritten manuscript. Since no other A 186 man has ever appeared to help since I began these researches in 1957, I used the extra space to retell this outfit's history briefly.