The following photographs are reproduced from The Jungleers: A History of the 41st Infantry Division by William F. McCartney, Infantry Journal Press, 1948, copyright 41st Infantry Division Association:

1. Site of the 41st Cantonment in North Fort Lewis, WA.  2. Group singing in the 186th Infantry area during training in CA.

The 41st in convoy from Fort Lewis, WA (left) to Hunter Liggett training camp, CA; the convoy halts in Pachaco Pass, CA (right).

The 116th Engineers build a bridge over the San Antonio River at the Hunter Liggett training camp.

41st Division Artillery personnel working in a command post.                       A 41st Division Artillery unit in the field.

The old-type pie-plate helmets are passed out during summer maneuvers in CA (left).  Artillerymen stand guard against an "invading enemy force" along Washington's Olympia Peninsula during 1941 maneuvers (right).

Bivouac area of the 41st Infantry Division at Hunter Liggett in 1941.

The great review of the 41st Division at Fort Lewis on 20 September 1941 was its first appearance as a division since its induction into federal service.  A crowd of 15,000 witnessed the impressive spectacle.